Why Install Roof Anchor Points?

Roof access with a static line for fall arrest

Why Install Roof Anchor Points?

Most roofs in NSW are non-compliant to current WHS legislation. The law clearly states we need to provide all workers with a 'Safe Work Environment'. Is a roof a safe work environment? Hardly! The absolute minimum is to install sufficient anchor points to provide fall arrest. The installation of a Safe Roof Access System ensures that from the moment the tradesman leaves the ground and starts climbing the ladder, until the moment he steps off the ladder on safe ground at the completion of the work he is protected from falling and injuring himself.

"We never needed it before, so why spend money now on a safety system?"

Thankfully, times have changed! We no longer simply accept that Death or Injury is just a part of roofing work. However, installing safety systems has long being viewed as an expensive exercise. Fortunately, continuous technical development has led to easier to install systems, less obtrusive, with better safety features. This means an average safety system costs far less than they did just a few years ago. We will tailor make a roof safety system that suits your needs and budget while meeting WHS Compliance.

"We Cant Afford it"

Realistically, you may not at present be able to install a full Roof Safety System due to budget or other constraints. Why not consider installing one or more anchor points as your budget allows to improve safety? You could do this at regular intervals until your property is fully WHS compliant. In the meantime, your roof is getting safer to access. Doing nothing to provide a safer work environment makes you criminally negligent should an accident or incident occur.

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